Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Bee Blocks

i finally joined a quilting bee. i'm in the Simple Modern Quilt Bee. We make blocks from our stash and this month, the recipient is Rene.
Bee Blocks for Rene
Her theme was "Angles" and she chose the colors pink, orange, green, and yellow. so right away i got to work outside my comfort zone.
Bee Blocks for Rene
btw, now i've gotten a little taste of how scary it is to stitch blocks for someone else. i'm worried that i did the wrong thing, or that i did it in an unacceptably crappy fashion. things did not go exactly as i'd envisioned--i need to learn to consider scale and value, but i hope she likes the blocks anyway, and that they'll work for what she had in mind.

it does become addicting. i've already signed up for another bee.


  1. What fun! It definitely looks like you got the "angles" theme in there and the colors are perfect - I'd love to see a whole quilt made out of that top block!

  2. Oooo! I like those colors! and I think the blocks look very well done!
    I'm too scared to join a bee but they do look really fun. Someday I will!

  3. Very fun blocks! I agree; making blocks for others is a little stressful, but it's neat, too. I thought about joining the Mod Moasic bee, but I would rather have a say in the colors I get back.

  4. These are awesome! Love all the bright colors! Thanks for linking to our block party



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