Thursday, February 24, 2011


I finished my spinalong fiber. it's so pretty and huggable.
Allspunup Alpaca Merino Silk
dk weight 4ply
singles spun longdraw from the fold, soaked and thwacked to finish
Allspunup Alpaca Merino Silk
if i'm going to be nitpicky--after a fair amount of experience spinning merino/alpaca/silk blends, i think i prefer a higher merino/silk content, and less on the alpaca. this one had alpaca as the primary fiber and it wasn't quite as nice to spin. i've found that alpaca can be kind of crunchy (which i'm sure makes sense to no one but me) and it's just not as pleasant. it's also hairier, which i don't love.

but enough complaints--the finished yarn is gorgeous. the 4ply gives it a plump roundness that i am quite fond of. i adore this color combo and it is soft. i don't have a plan for this one right now--it'll just sit pretty in the stash for awhile.


  1. Beautiful colors!

  2. You bet this is gorgeous. My complaints about Alpaca are also about the hairiness factor. And depending on the twist, the alpaca can get ropey or twiney, if that's a word.

  3. Your yarn looks lovely, but I agree with you on Alpaca fiber. I still have pure alpaca in my fiber stash, and I will be watchful to not buy any more. It's too hairy for me.



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