Tuesday, January 25, 2011

a test to see if you were paying attention

thanks for the comments on the baby quilt! a few of you eagle-eyed commenters noticed that Spicy was wearing mittens to model the quilt. i'm very lucky that my man is patient enough to agree to, "i have a stack of things that need to be photographed this weekend. would you mind helping me out?" if only he could model my clothes too. blog updates would be much more current then.
Shelburne from knitty
Pattern: Shelburne from knitty
Yarn: Malabrigo Twist in Olive, 1 skein
Size: Man
Needles: #9 knitpicks circs. i think i used the options
Started: January 18, Finished: January 19

i really liked this pattern. it was fast with great results. i would like a pair for myself someday. i made the largest size and didn't run out of yarn. i only had a couple of grams left by the end though. Malabrigo Twist is delightfully soft and cuddly after washing. it's a bit heavy so i don't know that i'd use it for a sweater, but it's great for accessories.
Seaman's Cap
Pattern: Seaman's Cap from needle beetle
Yarn: Filatura di Crosa Tweedy Cashmere in navy, 2 skeins, gift from Spicy
Size: L
Needles: #7 knitpicks options
Started: December 21, Finished: Dunno. probably sometime in december

Spicy wanted a warm hat that covers his ears. he wanted to be able to adjust the fold-up brim, so i left out the turning round. this yarn was also very nice--it was a little rough to work with but once washed it relaxed a lot and got the nice fuzzy cashmere-y halo. this style and color are Spicy 101--simple and understated.

if i get a chance i'll add a lining to both hat and mittens but i wanted to give these to him before winter is over.

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