Tuesday, January 11, 2011

stocking up

connecting threads had a clearance sale so i picked up a few of my favorites. they're all yards or half yards. i got a couple of new quilting books so hopefully these fabrics will come in handy soon. i also bought a bright thread set so i can quilt in colors other than black, white, or grey now.

From the Winter Fun collection
Connecting Threads quilting cottons
From the Wrap it Up collection
Connecting Threads quilting cottons
Miscellaneous. i really like the floral on the right and i kind of want to save it to make a skirt.
Connecting Threads quilting cottons

in other news, i need new work pants desperately. i've been exercising more lately and i have a tendency to get bulky thighs. and man are they ever. most of my pants don't really fit anymore--embarrassingly sad but true. i'm hoping this weekend to bust out vogue 1051 and at least do a muslin. Cupcake Goddess is doing a trouser sewalong so maybe i can pick up some helpful tips.


  1. Great new fabrics! I really like the leaf prints, and that floral will make a beautiful skirt!!

  2. I love your choices, especially the geometric Christmas print and the bottom set.



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