Monday, January 10, 2011

Spicy's Yarn

Yak from the yarn tree
Finished yak: 2ply laceweight, 165yds/25g. singles spun longdraw on my tibetan support spindle, plied on the wheel. soaked and thwacked to finish. i hope i have enough for his hat liner. i might have to get creative to make it work.
3ply cormo cross
Spicy's outer ultra-warm mittens yarn: 3ply cormo cross from pindrafted roving. 399yds/145g dk weight. spun longdraw on the wheel and soaked and thwacked to finish
3ply cormo cross
i love this yarn more than life itself. it is so soft and cuddly. i'm not sure what's going to happen with this skein, other than that the mittens will be lined with extra long cuffs and maybe some big squishy cables and a texture pattern on the palm side. i am thinking i will spin some alpaca for the lining. i might not finish them in time for this winter but there's always more winters to come.

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