Friday, January 14, 2011

progress and linky-loos

i'm glad i could give everyone a chuckle with my crotch consternation. after doing a little more digging, i found that other people were having issues with simplicity's chart and picking a size/fit combo as well, though others didn't seem to be as ridiculously off as I was. so i am currently secure in the knowledge of my crotch-length weirdness.

i sewed up my muslin last night and i am surprised to reveal that the fit right from the envelope was really not too bad. well, except for that whole i had to shorten the pattern by 5.75 inches but that's normal for me. i'm glad i went with the curvy fit because the thighs aren't too tight and the shaped waistband fits quite nicely in the back with no gapping. i did need to make a couple of minor adjustments. the curvy fit works for my thighs but i had to take some fullness out of the seat. i also needed to add width to the waistband. i always overcompensate on this and the waist ends up too loose so i was very careful this time and only added .25". of course now i'm worried that it's not enough but i can always take smaller seam allowances in the other seams if i run into trouble.

i made the adjustments on my paper pattern, ironed my fabric, and cut out the facings, pockets, and interfacing last night. i'm using a stretch twill for my trial pair, and i read somewhere that letting it lay out flat overnight helps with stretching out issues. i'm not sure how exactly but i thought it was worth a try. i'm adding back patch pockets from Sew U because no pockets on the butt is a big no-no for me. if i like the fit of the pants enough to use them again, i'll try a welt pocket next time.

and now that i've rambled on about's link day!

i'm not that into jewelry, but these pieces are really kind of cool. i like how the simple single crochet looks around the metal rings. the different colors really make it pop.

i should never show this quilt to Spicy. i can almost guarantee that he would want one. it's hard to find a good manly quilt sometimes. i love that this one is so simple. and blue.

is this couple adorable or what? i'm going to cry from cuteness.

have a good weekend, everyone!


  1. Yay for pants progress. I agree with the need for back pockets. I like that shirting quilt, and I agree, you probably shouldn't show it to Spicy. Oh, and the little gnome couple is really cute.

  2. Love the shirting quilt - I started saving fabric from Dave's cotton shirts a while a go - one shirt=a lot of fabric!



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