Monday, January 03, 2011

playing catch up

I hope everyone had a nice holiday. I had a week off from work and it was wonderful. I spent a lot of it organizing my fabric stash and starting a new quilt. I am terribly behind in the project documenting but hopefully I can get through the backlog over the next week or two.
Quilted Pillows
I'll start with my new couch pillows. After organizing my stash, i realized that the scrap situation is getting out of control. i was sick of looking at my red pillows and wanted a change of scenery. The left pillow is similarly colored scraps pieced together crazy quilt style with linen sashing. I used blue kona cotton and sewed an envelope back. the right pillow is scraps quilted to a white thrifted sheet in the manner of the ticker tape quilt tutorial. it also has an envelope back, using some leftover blue stockinette fabric. both are 15" pillow forms bought at joann's ages ago. i especially like the ticker tape pillow and i got to use up some tiny scraps.
Log Cabin Socks
i finished spicy's log cabin socks awhile back but i gave them to him promptly and he wouldn't remove them from his feet long enough for me to get a picture. they're already getting a little fuzzy but at least they will be well loved. i repaired a couple pairs of his socks over the holiday so hopefully he is well-stocked again for awhile.

i am exhausted reading everyone else's yearly retrospectives. i don't have the energy for my own. maybe i'll start doing it on an off month when i have more time, like july or something.


  1. I absolutely LOVE your pillows!!! I desparately need new pillows for our couch but they just aren't a priority at the moment.

  2. Your pillows are super cute. I love the ticker tape one, too. By the way, I saw how much flickr love your plus one quilt is getting. Way to go!

  3. Love the socks! Retrospectives are kind of a pain, while I was making mine I felt like I was watching re-runs on TV...



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