Wednesday, January 12, 2011

new baby, new quilt

some friends of ours are expecting their first child so i decided to make them a baby quilt.
Baby quilt squares
it's going to be simple patchwork, 36" square. i'm using 4.5" squares. the center is kona medium grey and the rest are stash fabrics, mostly from connecting threads and the lizzy house red letter day collection.

i was thinking about putting a couple of wonky stars on the back. do you think that's too girly for a boy? i'm not well-versed in babies. i wanted to do a simple pattern for the top while avoiding being too traditional or boring but also not overly cutesy. i'm thinking the grey squares accomplish this but i hope it's not too drab either. i'm probably overthinking it.

it appears to be starting. first there was the slew of weddings and now there's probably going to be tons of babies on the way. at least with babies i can make little cute things and i don't have to go anywhere.


  1. This is going to be a wonderful baby quilt - bright and happy, but not too cutsie - stars are just fine for boys and I love surprises on the back of a quilt!!!

  2. I like the combination, and it definitely won't be drab. I think gray is a great contrast to the cheery fabrics you chose. I love the Pearl Bracelet fabric from Lizzy House.

  3. Nah, not too girly at all.
    I will admit though, I never used the baby quilts I got for the boys. They were too nice and I didn't want them pooping/drooling/peeing/vomiting on them!

  4. Great combo of fabrics! And no, those stars are not girly at all. Go for it!



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