Wednesday, January 19, 2011

a little gift

i finished the quilt last night including washing and drying it. it looks awesome, but photos will have to wait for the weekend when i can get some natural light up in here.
Shelburne from knitty
after finishing off the binding, i cast-on for Shelburne from the new issue of knitty. i had the best of intentions to invent a new pair of mittens for spicy but then these came along. they are chunky and have long cuffs and they look nice and manly. i am flirting with disaster because i only have one skein of malabrigo twist and the pattern calls for more yarn but if necessary i can always buy another skein. spicy is not one to care much about dye lots and if it bugs me i can rip them out and restart with alternating skeins. they work up really fast so no harm, no foul.

mal twist feels sort of cottony and dry in the skein but once on the hand it's very nice. i'm sure they will feel even better post-wash. i'm debating now whether i can get away with not lining these. i can always ask him to wear them as a trial run and if they aren't windproof enough i can make and insert a lining later.


  1. Those are great mittens. I didn't really notice the pattern before, but I really like the texture.

  2. Oh, I was thinking of making that pattern for W too :) It is a great manly mitten, isn't it?



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