Tuesday, January 04, 2011

gifts given and in progress

i made a few gift scarves for xmas.
Gift Scarves
the left-hand scarf is anna marie horner little folks voile. i was inspired by this tutorial though i used my own measurements and methods so mine looks different. The scarf on the right is handkerchief linen. I used the crinkle scarf tutorial as a basic guide. instead of applique, i made a couple of yo-yos and stitched them on. i was surprised by how easy it is to make yo-yos, having never done it before. i'm kind of intrigued by the pillow in the linked tutorial, though my theoretical version would be more colorful, of course.
Yak on Tibetan Spindle
over my holiday, i spun up my ounce of yak on my tibetan spindle. it was difficult to get started and i had to break down and use a leader, but once i got going it wasn't all that bad to spin. i'm less scared to spin shorter fibers like pure cashmere and angora now. i've already plied and washed the yarn but it isn't dry yet. Spicy requested some ultra-warm hat and mittens for the coldest days. I've already knit his outer hat in wool/cashmere and the yak will be the lining.

1 comment:

  1. Cute scarves! I can't wait to buy my new machine.

    Like the yak too. My SIL is on a waiting list to buy baby yak. I'm very excited they'll be raising yak. I've already called dibs on their sheddings!



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