Friday, January 21, 2011

friday ramblings with a few links

i stopped by joann's last night to take advantage of the simplicity 99 cents sale. unfortunately, so did everyone else. they were sold out of several of the patterns on my list and the place was pretty crazy for a thursday night. i didn't get either of the cynthia rowley patterns i was looking for and they didn't have the new knitscene. maybe next time.
Simplicity patterns
2554: i like the pink ruffly blouse at the bottom right; 2594 didn't wow me at first but i've seen a couple of cute versions made up; and 2254 reminds me of a few anthropologie blouses that i could emulate. all are cute for spring (c'mon spring!)
Simplicity patterns
2360 and 2422. why do i continue to buy dress patterns when i very rarely wear them and yet have to drag myself to make things that i wear all the time (like knit tops and pants)? i suppose it can be considered as a kind of aspirational purchase. a part of me wants to feel like the kind of woman who wears girly skirts and dresses, even though it is entirely impractical in my climate at this time of year. i also don't know how practical a short-sleeved jacket is but i thought it was cute. i like the ruffled shell as well.

i looked at fabric while i was there but i think i'm getting more choosy about it. i've found that joann's fabrics seem overpriced for what they are, even with a 40% off coupon. a lot of the fabrics that i've bought and used from them have not held up well at all (i'm looking at you, red corduroys *brandishes fist*).

yesterday afternoon i stalked this girl in the library because she was wearing a fitted western-style shirt with a red/black buffalo check. i might have to copy if i can find fabric--it was pretty cute and not as lumberjack-y as it sounds.

speaking of the library, i picked up 2 books from there last night: Color Your Cloth and Art and Craft of Natural Dyeing. i'm not planning to start dyeing my own fabric anytime soon, but it's good to learn more about the topic.

i'm wearing my new pants today and of course there are a couple of tweaks that i could use to improve the fit. cupcake goddess brings up how a lot of RTW pants don't look good on the models and celebrities that wear them either. I think that I'm learning to make peace with my own fitting issues. as it says somewhere in pants for real people--pants are so challenging because they have to fit in a variety of situations--sitting, standing, and in motion. therefore it's unlikely that they're going to fit perfectly in all of those scenarios at all times. as long as i feel comfortable and they look pretty decent in at least 2 out of those 3, i shouldn't stress about it. when i look back at some of my earlier pant-making experiments, i can definitely see improvement. i'll just keep heading in that direction.

thank-you, everyone, for your kind comments on Jane. it really means a lot to me. have a good weekend!

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