Tuesday, January 18, 2011

almost done

Baby quilt
i've never shown a picture of my quilting before washing, mostly because i've been ashamed of it. but i think i'm starting to get better. i finished quilting last night and squared up the quilt. i sewed the strips together for the binding and now all that's left is ironing the binding and stitching it on. i could really get used to this baby quilt thing.


  1. You hand sew the binding right? I think that's the most boring part of a quilt!

    Very cute quilt though--lucky baby!

  2. Beautiful loop de loops! You picked up free motion quilting so easily - gives me hope. I spent an evening last week playing on a friend's mid arm with a grace frame - wow - that sure makes it easy!

  3. Your quilting looks beautiful. I still haven't tried FMQ, but it's on the 2011 list!

  4. Your quilting looks great!!!

  5. That looks super cool! Can't wait to see the finished product!



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