Tuesday, December 07, 2010

the yarn tree

the wedding went well. we really did not have much time at all to do non-wedding things. but i convinced spicy to visit one yarn shop in brooklyn, the yarn tree. it was a very long walk from downtown brooklyn and the shop was tiny but they had a lot of really nice yarns and fibers.
1oz yak
i bought this ounce of yak to blend with another fiber, probably corriedale lamb to make something for spicy. i'll have to ask him what he wants since i'm starting to run low on accessories that he doesn't have yet.
2oz superfine kid mohair
this is 2oz of superfine kid mohair. it's really soft and shiny. i've always wanted to make my own kidsilk-haze-esque yarn.
1oz cashmere/tussah silk
i also got an ounce of cashmere/tussah silk. i already have some cashmere. and i also have tussah silk. but this way i won't have to blend the delicate fibers together and an ounce is the perfect amount for using a spindle. at least, it is for me since it takes me forever to spin even the smallest amounts.

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  1. All very nice fiber. I have an ounce of cashmere/silk I bought at Rhinebeck a couple years back. I'm spinning it slowly to make it last.

    I'm at http://www.knittingkitties.blogspot.com if you would like to visit me. Disqus doesn't like my blog to ever link it.



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