Thursday, December 02, 2010

Sadhanger iz sad

i would have liked to have gotten a modeled shot of this dress before i leave town but time was not on my side.
Simplicity 3678, View B
Pattern: Simplicity 3678 (OOP), View B
Size: 10 at bust/hips, 12 at waist
Fabric, 2yds ITY jersey from fabricmart
Started: November 29, Finished: November 30

I helped Spicy pick out 2 new suits for the wedding. He looks very handsome and dashing and I wanted to look good alongside him. We're going to the rehearsal dinner tomorrow night so I made a new dress. i wanted something fairly dressy but also comfortable and wrinkle resistant that travels well.

I hate ITY jersey. it's slippery and the edges curl so it's hard to line up the seams properly when using the serger. it doesn't sew well on a regular sewing machine. i'm sure that a lot of this was operator error but i found it extremely frustrating. there are a lot of pretty prints, so i won't say that i'll never ever use it again but i will think twice and certainly it might be helpful to not sew it on a deadline in the future.

the pattern was fine. i should not have graded the waist to a larger size. the dress is a bit too large and not as slimming as it could be. i am very happy with my de-biggening of the sleeves. they ended up the perfect length and are much superior to the bell sleeve, of which i am not a fan. because i was having so much trouble sewing the fabric i skipped stitching down the pleats. instead i folded the pleats into place, basted across the fronts and then serged it to the midriff. also, my fronts are stitched left over right because the left neckline looked better than the right. i did a mock binding on the neck and it looks pretty crappy. i did a rolled hem on the sleeves and hem.

this dress is sloppy in execution, but fortunately the print hides a lot of that. i would sew the pattern again in a different fabric and with more time. hopefully i can get a shot of me wearing it at the dinner.


  1. have you tried sewing w/ ball point sewing machine needles for knit? it works wonders. of course, that doesn't solve the curling issues, but it does make the sewing much easier imo.

  2. Oh one more tip for sewing knits - hand sew/baste the seams and then sew them on the machine. it does help quite a bit.



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