Thursday, December 23, 2010

Potholder Week! Wonky Star Edition

Potholder Week: Wonky Star
8.5" square
wonky stars using tutorial from the silly boodilly
Potholder Week: Wonky Star
i probably would have enjoyed this more if i hadn't been tired of making potholders at this point. i need to try wonky stars again someday. i think i might need a different foot for my sewing machine though--it does not like sewing angled seams. i wouldn't rule out the possibility of my making a wonky star quilt entirely. i really really like quilts like this one and this one and this one.

because of above referenced fatigue, i had a brain lapse and squared up my blocks too small. so the final potholder is smaller than all the rest. and in the end, i think it's a better size for a potholder than 9". i also forgot that i had picked out some of jacey's pretty fabric for the backing, and cut out a binding that doesn't match the back. then i was too lazy to cut different binding fabric. i told you i was sick of it by this point.

i quilted it with random-ish straight lines. and this concludes potholder week.

in other news, last night i started another xmas gift. yes, i have 4 more things to make for xmas. it's december 23rd. don't judge me.

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  1. Your quilting looks really nice on this one! The backing fabric works well with the wonky stars you constructed. I'm glad you were able to use some of it so soon.



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