Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Potholder Week! 9-patch edition

so i know that i had a bunch of lofty plans to try new techniques, but i also wanted things to go quickly so i scaled back in scope.
Potholder Week, Pt. II
this one's a 9-patch, 9" square. i really need to learn to sew a scant 1/4" seam. i am not very good at making 9-patch squares. i probably won't be doing an entire quilt of these anytime soon. despite my inability to sew in a straight line, i like the quilting on this one. it's simple but nice and poofy.
Potholder Week, Pt. II
i love this knitting fabric from connecting threads. i should really get some more before it's gone.
Lace Heaven order
my order from Lace Heaven arrived. i bought 45 yds of various stretch laces and elastics. this should last me for quite awhile. some of the colors are different from what i was expecting and a couple of the elastics look a bit shiny in a cheap way but altogether not bad. i should have bought wider elastic for the waistline, but oh well.
Trial pair
i tried out another trial pair using some leftover mesh fabric from joann's and the pink lace. i used my horizon for the entire process because i was too lazy to change the needle on my serger. i discovered the 3-step zigzag on my machine for stitching the lace and it was very helpful. these fit but are hard to get on and off. i think the problem lies with my fabric not being as stretchy as the original. i photocopied a bikini pattern from sweet nothings. maybe i'll have better luck with it.


  1. Whoa, 45 yards of lace. That's a lot. Keep it up with the panty making!
    Your second potholder is really nice. I also love that knit fabric.

  2. Love the panties - I used to make my own bikini bathing suits when I was a teenager - in fact I made everything I wore. My mother would give us 50.00 for school clothes each year and we could buy store clothes or buy fabric to make our own....got a much bigger wardrobe by sewing - this was in the 1960s :-)

  3. Thanks for the comment on the fabric! Your potholders are super sweet! I like the string one. That's a good idea for trying lots of different techniques. I'm also a fan of quilt as you go.



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