Wednesday, December 08, 2010

plying and some xmas gift plans

i plied and plied and plied last night and i'm still not done. usually no matter how painful it is, i try my best to finish in one plying session because i'm afraid of what the cats will do if they discover loose strings that spin and unfurl like a toilet paper roll if you bat at them in just the right way. however, this time i decided to risk it because i just couldn't ply anymore.

i have 4 coworker xmas gifts to make. i think i've narrowed it down to giving everyone an xmas-themed potholder and loaf of challah bread. mostly because homemade bread is tasty and easy to make and i think i can do 4 potholders in the next couple of weeks without too much stress. last night i pulled out a bunch of red, green, and yellow scraps to play with. i found out that i have less red scraps than i think i would have (maybe because i use them up), i have LOTS of yellow scraps, and i have a considerable amount of green scraps but they are mostly the wrong shades of green. oh well. hopefully the effect will still come across.

right now i'm thinking of doing the following:
string potholder like this one from film in the fridge
a wonky star potholder in yellows/oranges. i have yet to decide if i'll do one big star or several little ones
i love this tree pillow. i think it would make a great potholder.

the last one i haven't quite decided yet. i was thinking about doing some kind of wreath look type of design, like this one or this. or maybe i could try applique for the first time. all of these things seem fairly complicated for my skill level but that's why it's good to try new things on small projects.

i realized that even though i'm not really into the holidays, pretty much everyone else is. even if the potholders don't get a lot of use, at least they'll be cute and seasonally appropriate. then i don't have to worry about matching everybody's individual decor.


  1. My cats like to come up and chew the single strands in half whenever they see them hanging unattended.

  2. The tree pillow is awesome. I love it. I wish I liked to quilt.

  3. i wanna be one of your co-workers!

  4. The new spinning looks awesome. Love the colors! I've been wanting to make some potholders for gitfts, too. I'm hoping to make it by Joann's this weekend to pick up some Insul-Brite.



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