Thursday, December 16, 2010

it's electric

i finally got a shot of the dress i wore to the rehearsal dinner.
Simplicity 3678
i don't have much new to add, other than that i found another reason to hate ITY jersey.

Static Cling.

that's all.

in other news, i was going through some of my leftover fabrics and i have a lot of knits. i had always meant to use up leftovers to make some underwear and a few joann trips ago, i picked up a couple packages of lingerie elastic. i have an embarrassingly old pair of panties that i haven't thrown out because they are the perfect fit. armed with this tutorial and a pair of scissors i finally got to making a replacement pair.

this is where i learned that it takes more than one package of lingerie elastic to make one pair of panties. of course, i didn't realize this until i had cut the pink elastic for the waist and it became evident that i didn't have enough for the legs and would need to use the white elastic. so no pics of the horrific franken-underwear results. they fit pretty well, except that the fabric i used had less stretch than the original so they are a little tight. i'll add a bit more to the seam allowances next time.

so now i am on the hunt for an inexpensive source of elastic. i can't recall exactly how much i paid for it at joann's, but having to buy multiple packages brings up the cost considerably and kind of belies the point of making one's own underwear. if anyone has good sources for FOE or stretch lace, i'm all ears.

UPDATE: i just placed an order at Lace Heaven. The shipping is a little steep but they have a great selection and overall the prices aren't bad. I'll let you know what i think when my order gets here.


  1. I love that tutorial. I will have to bookmark it. I wouldn't mind making my own underwear either.

  2. Ugh. Static. The worst! But the dress is cute!

  3. I love your new dress! Static cling is one thing I left behind in the mainland. I guess it's too humid here in HI. Can't say I miss it.



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