Wednesday, December 15, 2010

hearth and home

i washed spicy's alpaca bed socks last night. they are barely recognizable as socks anymore. super fuzzy and pilly and the pattern is completely obscured. i think it's time to make him a new pair of bed socks.
Log Cabin Socks
it's a fairly rare occurrence for me to knit a pattern more than once. these log cabin socks (rav) from handknit holidays are a keeper. so cozy and thick and stretchy. i want a pair. i might have to knit them a third time. i'm using knitpicks swish worsted in dark navy and #4 options. the yarn is a bit splitty with the metal needles but otherwise it's very nice. i'm making the larger size.


  1. Those socks are too nice to be hidden in bed!!!

  2. Wow, looking good. I love the color.

  3. I have that book, will have to give it another look. The yarn your using makes me want to make a pair.



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