Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Turkey Link Day

spicy and i haven't done a traditional thanksgiving since...well, ever. my favorite part of thanksgiving has always been the sides, and we share a love of more non-traditional fare, so usually we think outside the box like Ethiopian or sushi. this year, however, i was pining for my mother's cornbread casserole and it just so happens that spicy got a free turkey from his job, so we're going all out on tradition. never mind that neither of us has a clue how to cook a turkey and the turkey is GIGANTIC and way too much food for 2 people. i should probably be researching turkey leftover recipes right now.

anyway, the menu thus far is:

turkey of some sort. but probably no gravy. i've never been a fan and i'm guessing spicy won't care. i already baked a loaf of bread to use for stuffing.

my mom's cornbread casserole. this recipe has all the same ingredients if not quite the same proportions. this was always my favorite thanksgiving dish.

i don't know yet if i'll do candied yams or baked sweet potatoes. i love brown sugar but hate marshmallows. i'll skip those if we go the candied route.

spicy bought a bag of fresh cranberries. i don't know what he is planning to do with them.

i already made this pumpkin spiced cheesecake and we've been eating it all week. i knew that it's a lot of cheesecake for us so why not get a headstart? i threw in a bunch of ice cubes instead of doing the water bath and it turned out great. it's a little creamier than your typical cheesecake, which i actually like. it's kind of a cross between pumpkin pie and cheesecake. mmm.

ok, writing down the entire round-up both makes me hungry and makes me realize how much food this is for 2 people. and here i thought i was scaling back. it occurs to me that i should have bought a green vegetable but i forgot. green beans would have been awesome. oh well, it's not like we won't have enough food.

so yay! happy thanksgiving. thursday also happens to be spicy's and my official-togetherness-as-a-couple anniversary so it's a special day for us. 4 years and counting. i can hardly believe it.


  1. There's only four of us and I'm doing a 20 lber. The best part of Thanksgiving is the leftovers!!! The only time I think we didn't do a big turkey dinner was when I was two days overdue with Chunky and the Texass Debacle. Mmmmm!!!

  2. I bought two turkeys this year because they were on sale for .59 lb. I canned one of them, and am cooking the other tomorrow. Since I am no longer able to eat anything w/ refined sugar, I will make my sweet potatoes w/ pure maple syrup and butter, which will be FANTASTIC I am sure ;). I have never liked marshmallows so I do not add them to anything. We are also having homemade noodles, rolls, custard pie (which I cannot eat due to the sugar), and a sugar-free cheesecake, which i hope it turns out well since this is the first time I have tried to make a sugar free dessert. Oh I bought my mom a can of cranberry stuff. Gah. She loves it and I can barely stand to look at it ;)

    Happy thanksgiving and anniversary to you both!

  3. Oh I am making homemade stuffing as well, which I love, love, love!!!!

  4. Oh and there are only 3 of us. Way too much food for three, but what the heck. I feel blessed to be able to eat really well with all the economic crap going on in this world.

  5. Congratulations on 4 years of togetherness and have an awesome feast. It sounds delicious.

  6. That sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving. :) And happy anniversary! :D



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