Wednesday, November 10, 2010

some color to brighten your day

last week i saw these handspun socks in my ravelry friend's activity page. the handspun yarn used in the socks is equally lovely on its own and it left me aching for something bright. i believe the top is from alchemy fibre arts. there are a lot of beautiful handpainted tops in the shop but i'm impatient and didn't want to order something and have to wait for shipping from the UK.
handpainted alpaca/merino/silk
so i got out 4oz of merino/alpaca/silk that i bought at rhinebeck 2008 and my acid dyes and went to town. most of my dyeing experiments have previously been with immersion dyeing. i have tried handpainting but never with so many colors before.
handpainted alpaca/merino/silk
i didn't have a brush so i ended up smooshing the dye into the fiber with my (gloved) fingers. it was messy but it worked fairly well. my colors aren't as neat or saturated as the etsy shop's (darn now i might still have to try them after all), but i do really like how the fiber came out.

i've already spun it into yarn. now i just have to wait a few days until it dries. ahh, western new york winters.

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