Thursday, November 18, 2010

on your mark

remember that Plus Quilt Tutorial i linked to last week? spicy's brother is getting married the first week of december and because i'm crazy i'm making the couple a quilt.
Kona Cotton Denim FQ Bundle
i ordered a kona FQ bundle in denim from fabric depot. it arrived last night. what really took me by surprise was how small it was. it came in this tiny box and it's a really compact little bundle. it looks bigger online, i guess.
Kona Cotton Denim FQ Bundle
my plus quilt is going to be all solids on the top. i was inspired by the many beautiful quilts by cherri house in her city quilts book. take a look at the flickr group for the book. it's amazing how simple yet powerful a quilt can look in all solid fabrics.

the quilting is going to be very simple due to the time shortage. thanks to the janome 7700 yahoo group, i found out there is a similar stitch to this red pepper quilts coin quilt or the quilt along quilt from fat quarterly. it's #19, the serpentine stitch. i love it when someone else does all the work for me--i've learned so much from just reading the yahoo group.

i pretty much have to drop all other current projects until i finish this one. i cut half of the bundle last night. wish me luck.


  1. Wow, time crunch! I love the City Quilts book, although I haven't purchased it yet. I'm sure yours will be gorgeous in the blues.

  2. That is going to be so great! Solids are so underrated!



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