Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Newwww fabric!

after self-stitched september, i was feeling pretty uninspired by the stash. i still have fabric left, but a lot of it is "now what am i gonna do with this?" kind of stash and i have to be in the right sort of creative place in order to do it justice. i'm also pretty thin on winter choices and i could use an update in my cold-weather wardrobe. i placed an order at fabricmart and the box arrived at my doorstep in record time.
Wyatt in a box
wyatt always seems to enjoy it when i buy new stuff. i'm happy and he gets a new box. what's not to love?
2yds plaid wool
2yds plaid wool. the fabric is quite a bit thicker than i was expecting. it's more of a blanket weight and i think it's too heavy and stiff for pants. so now i'm not quite sure what to do with it. so much for eliminating "i don't know what to do with this" fabric.
1.5yds wool crepe and lining
1.5yds of wool crepe and lining. i like the drape of the wool but i'm not a huge fan of the pebbly texture. right now i'm thinking about vogue 8672, View E with the gathered sides.
2yds wool gabardine and lining
2yds wool gabardine and lining. i have the twinkle sews book but have yet to make anything from it. i didn't realize at the time that the color is very similar to the original, but i think i'm ok with that.
2yds poly charmeuse
2yds poly charmeuse. this fabric is a little heavier than i was expecting but it still has a decent drape. i might try the tie-front blouse but this one isn't set in stone.
1.5yds wool jersey
1.5yds wool jersey. i want to do the cowl top with long sleeves. i really like this fabric. it has nice drape and seems like it will be very warm without being itchy.
1.5yds rayon jersey
1.5yds rayon jersey. the picture doesn't show it well but this fabric is quite shiny. i want to do a long sleeve shirt from simplicity 4072 but i don't know which one yet. maybe i'll try the twist top.
2yds ITY jersey
2yds ITY jersey. i love this print. i want to make simplicity 3678 (OOP), the surplice version with long sleeves. i'll probably narrow the sleeves though--i don't much care for the bell look.

so that's the plan for winter! well, that and the brocade skirt that i still haven't started yet and some silky print blouses. i'm hoping that after the wedding/spicy's birthday that things will slow down a little bit and i will have more time to sew.

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