Friday, November 19, 2010


one of my favorite bloggers, Jacey, had a contest and i won! woohoo! jacey is a multicrafter as well--she knits, sews, and quilts like me (though she doesn't spin--yet). she also has a fantastic color sense. i always love seeing what fabrics she puts together.

new twist is out. the only patterns that really grabbed me were lalou and parcel. they are both really nice and i even have yarn for both but alas, no time in the near future. maybe someday.

i love knitted blankets that are like quilts. this blanket is so gorgeous. her blog entry has more photos and tells the story of her inspiration.
Moda It's a Hoot FQ bundle
speaking of quilts, lately i've been in love with simple patchwork squares, like this. i just bought this moda fat quarter bundle to make a quilt or two for ME (eventually). one of them might end up looking very similar to this one.

presser foot just started a new series called, "I could make that." she shows a RTW outfit and then pairs it with a similar pattern and fabric so you could make it yourself. it's a very cool idea and i'm looking forward to future entries.

have you seen this cool faux-piping binding tutorial? i can't wait to try it out.

spicy and i will be in NYC soon for his brother's wedding. i think we're going to visit Mood fabrics while we're there. we won't have a lot of time, but does anyone have suggestions for other crafty shops in the area, whether they are yarn/fiber/quilting/fabric?


  1. I'm glad you won! I will definitely be picking out some fabric to include in the package. I saw the FITF quilt you linked to, and I agree. It's simple, but so lovely. Can't wait to see your version!

  2. Hey thanks for linking to my quilt! I made one almost identical to that one to keep for myself and right now it is the perfect sized quilt to keep on my side of the bed. I'm always cold and hubby is always too warm!
    Have fun in NY!

  3. That knitted quilt-looking blanket is very neat. I wish I had the patience to knit things like that! I like that faux piping too. That could be used on garments as well.

  4. HOly crud that quilt inspired blanket is awesome!

  5. These latest 2 stacks of fat quarters are sooooo pretty - I'm envious as I continue to use up my OLD stash...fabrics sure have changed in the last 6 years!



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