Friday, November 12, 2010

links n logs...well, minus the logs

this plus quilt is simple but very cute. i have another quilt to make before the year is up (sigh) so i think you'll be seeing this again.

have you seen moonrover's batts? i love the way the colors are blended. i have a pound of undyed superwash merino/viscose that i bought to use for sock yarn. i'm thinking of dyeing it up and carding it in a similar way.

i just found this spindle shots flickr group. because gazing enviously at all the pretty spindles is a great way to pass the time.

new butterick patterns are out. there are quite a few good ones but my favorites are 5559, a unique knit dress and 5568, a curved front blazer. i also kind of like this draped neck knit top, 5562. i tried on a sweater like that once at banana republic and it was really flattering. i don't really care for the 80s gathered shoulders of the other views though.

does Fuck You (NSFW) ever get old? not when Cee Lo changes the lyrics to "Fox News" on the Colbert Report.

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