Tuesday, November 09, 2010

heart attack

thanks for all the accolades on my quilt! it's very much appreciated. one last little wedding note--i had wrapped my gift and at the very last minute i decided that it needed a package decoration.
heart from mochimochi land
Pattern: Hearts from Mochimochi land
Materials: I think it was Skinny Bugga in Tomato Frog, tiny length of brown sheep wildfoote for the face, bit o' polyester stuffing
Needles: #3 bamboo dpns
Started and Finished: November 5

i'm not sure if i used skinny bugga or mal sock, but i think it was the bugga. this was definitely not my most pristine work. i was in a hurry and it shows. i think the face turned out cute enough however to make up for the sloppiness. i didn't felt anything obviously--not enough time. i wanted to do 2 little hearts for the couple but after seaming the first i decided i'd had enough.

i'm not much of a toy person but i do love the creativity and cuteness of Anna Hrachovec's work.

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