Monday, November 01, 2010


so. last night was halloween. i'm not much of a holidays person so i didn't give it a second thought. spicy and i were supposed to go to a party on saturday but we didn't make it due to tiredness. we watched football, made dinner, and sat down to watch The Crazies (which was surprisingly good). then the doorbell rings.


oh shit. now, last year we were in the house but i don't recall anyone stopping by, so evidently we just lucked out that year. we ended up turning off the lights and hiding in the kitchen (yes i am aware of how pathetic that sounds) because we had absolutely nothing to give to kids. we don't keep candy in the house. we didn't have any snacky stuff--not even anything healthy. and we didn't have enough office supplies for everyone. so we hid instead.

i'm quite surprised that the house didn't get egged. this might be my imagination but i swear i heard one of them shouting, "F--- YOU!!!!" as they left.

hopefully we'll remember next year.

i also completely forgot that spicy's birthday is next sunday. whoops. i churned out some last minute slippers that are refusing to felt properly. they've been through 5 wash cycles so far. i'm also making him a quilted pillow. it is times like these that i thank my ability to work quickly. my friend is getting married on saturday and i'm in the wedding so i'm using that as my excuse for neglect.

oh and before i forget to mention it, my patterns are on sale during the month of November. 15% off storewide, no coupon code necessary. several of the patterns are also decent last minute projects. you know, just in case you're as forgetful as i am.

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