Tuesday, November 02, 2010

birthday pillow front

Pillow Front
i wanted to make a pillow using the chopped vegetables pattern that i won from oh, fransson. the problem that i ran into is not having enough sashing fabric for any of the variations. so i'm following the pillow directions but subbing in a different design for the front.

i'm using the rectangle squared tutorial from filminthefridge. i did not think ahead very clearly and so my sashing is 1/2" and the outside edges will be partially hidden when i sew the pillow together but i think it'll still look ok.

i wanted to use manly colors but i think i got a bit carried away with throwing in a few brights for fun. i am seriously lacking in the dark somber stash department. i'm sure he'll like it anyway. i used natural linen for the sashing. i love the look and texture but it's a big pain in the ass to cut and sew.

the front is all ready to quilt though i'll probably start with the back. i'm planning to try pebble quilting.

i have to make the pillow too. i have endless bags of poly fiber stuffing so it seems a waste not to use it. it'll probably take me the rest of the week to finish the project. if all goes well i might be crafting a few more pillows for xmas gifts.


  1. Love the pillow top! I'm sure Spicy will love it because you made it.

  2. I like! Those prints go really well together!



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