Monday, October 18, 2010

stashing trip

i went to joann's thursday night, so my fabric-buying moratorium is officially off.
i got a couple of new patterns: vogue 8701, 8672 and new look 6000. i like everything in the wardrobe pattern except the pants and all 3 of the vogue skirts. i really love the side pleats on the NL dress.

i picked up 1.5 yds of these three fabrics.
1.5yds poly
royal blue poly silky something or other: i forget exactly what they called it. it's a little heavier and not sheer. i've been wanting to add some royal blue pieces to my wardrobe. i'm definitely planning on a blouse, but i haven't decided on a pattern yet.
1.5yds poly charmeuse
poly polka dot charmeuse: i couldn't resist the lure of polka dots. right now i'm thinking simplicity 2599 with cap sleeves.
1.5yds brocade
gold brocade: i'm still obsessed with the anthro dresses. i really want one like this but i'm planning to do skirt and blouse separates. i'm hoping to modify simplicity 2599 for the top and use some white silk crepe. for the skirt, i'm not sure if i should try the princess-seamed vogue i just bought or whether i should go for a smoother pencil skirt with fronts and backs as one piece with darts, like the jenny skirt. any suggestions?

oh yeah. voting has opened for the Little Black Dress contest. so if you're a member of pattern review and feel like voting (for mine or anyone else's), please do so. you know, if you feel like it. no pressure.

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  1. The quality of the dress material look great and the design and color make it more beautiful. The design on the dress which is shown in 3'rd image is really masterpiece.



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