Friday, October 29, 2010


did i actually make it to friday? yay!

if you want to see the cutest and the saddest kittens ever all at the same time, here you go.

amy butler fabric is on sale here. just sayin'

i really want to make a winter coat. i have this pattern but i'm having a hard time finding fabric. i want a bright wool coating, like kelly green, royal blue, or red. does anyone have any good sources for out of the ordinary coating fabrics?

i want to sew a tie collar blouse but i'm a little afraid that it'll end up too nancy reagan. how would you style it to be retro cute but not grandma chic?

i'm currently working on a secret project slog. thank heavens for netflix instant and better off ted. now i'm sad that the show got canceled.

so i couldn't resist. these 70s-tastic plaid pants from LLBean just happen to use this same plaid wool fabric that is in stock at fabricmart. so i bought some. i might actually use mine for a long bias wool skirt similar to this one. the whole outfit looks so cozy. i wants it.

have a great weekend!

1 comment:

  1. Choose your fabric wisely for the tie blouse. I would use a more subdued color and/or color scheme.

    Those kittens are so cute. Poor things!




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