Friday, October 08, 2010


i'm starting to get the hang of the supported spindle, except that i don't know how fleegle drafts so close to the spindle and holds it upright at the same time. i have to either hold the spindle up with my left hand and draft longdraw with my right or set the spindle in motion and use both hands with no hand supporting the spindle. i'm also using a not-shallow-enough bowl and the sides of the drawer pull keep hitting the bowl and stopping my momentum. in the meantime i'm crippled with indecision on whether i should purchase a russian or a tibetan spindle. is heavier or lighter better? i don't know what i don't know, you know? in the meantime i'll just look at pictures like this and wish that i were that cool.

i've had a design ready to test for weeks and i've just been waiting to pick up a tiny crochet hook so i can use beads. i ordered one from and filled up my cart in order to get free shipping. and wouldn't you know i got a notice this morning that the hook is out of stock so they canceled that portion of my order. now i'm back to square one. i know that there are other methods of stringing beads but i really wanted to use this one. can you get oral-b superfloss at the grocery store?

new simplicity patterns are out. nothing really grabbed me except 2284. i've been wanting to do a boucle chanel-like jacket for awhile. i probably won't buy it because i just got a similar pattern in a back issue of burdastyle. i'm having trouble finding fabric though.

it's been a rough morning. i lost control of my cereal bowl this morning and milk and cereal went flying and drenched my pants, and the couch, and the carpet. now i have this faint whiff of maple syrup about me. i guess there are worse things to smell like.

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