Tuesday, October 05, 2010


The Kittypocalypse is upon us. It has gotten so cold that the 3 of them huddle on the same piece of furniture together and there's even touching (though not with Ellie and Blackkitty). see, i have proof! i never thought it could happen.
3 kitties sharing the couch
the need for a warm couch blanket has arisen. i've been hoarding single skeins of handspun for too long. i'm using them up in a 3-row stripe ripple blanket and an I hook.
handspun ripple blanket in progress
it feels good to go back and use handspun from the babe days. i've been wanting to do a ripple afghan for years. i used to crochet a lot of afghans when i was younger. i only had access to red heart and the like so it also feels good to go back to my roots but with nicer materials this time around.

this blanket has the bonus effect of keeping my legs warm as i work on it. it's gonna weigh a ton when it's finished though.

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