Friday, October 01, 2010

friday ramblings

spicy's brother is getting married in december and spicy has hinted that he wants me to make him an outfit to wear to the wedding. i'm not quite sure i'm up for that challenge (do i have to sew him a tailored jacket?) but if i take it on, does anyone know of any great menswear patterns?

i got a couple of back issues of burdastyle and i think instead of subscribing, i might be better off just buying individual issues that i want. does anyone know of an online source where you can buy single issues?

new knitty is out and it's chock full of lovely patterns. i immediately printed out brambles, beatnik, and nemesis. contrary to blog content i do still knit (though i haven't spun in months). i'm currently working on this ribbed cardigan from knitscene in black malabrigo. it goes slowly. very very slowly.

i was nominated for a beautiful blogger award by the wardrobe reimagined. thank you! you should go visit her and her awesome bathing suit. i think i'm supposed to spout off 10 facts about me.

1) i got the sewing bug from my mother. she used to make most of my clothes when i was a kid, and she would occasionally let me help. i remember making pj pants and shorts but that's about it. when i picked up sewing again i basically had no clue what i was doing, but after 5 years of trying i'm starting to figure it out.

2) when i was a kid i hated wearing pants. i wanted to wear dresses all the time. one of my favorites was this simple shift dress that was red with white hearts. it had a peter pan collar and cuffs that were white with red hearts (made by my mom, of course). i took girly to extremes in the early years.

3) spicy and i recently watched An Education. neither of us really liked the movie much. to me it seemed like a failed experiment, but i loved the clothes. it's worth watching just for the outfits. i mentioned how much i liked them and spicy said, "you really like 60s fashion." which i guess is pretty true.

4) this goat cheese salad is delicious. truly one of my favorite things to eat. i usually skip spicing the cheese and just crumble it on top.

5) i loathe romantic comedies. i don't know how they got to be so formulaic and awful but i'd rather get a root canal than watch anything that Katherine Heigl has been in lately. double negative bonus points if a baby is involved. blecch.

6) arrested development is my all-time favorite tv show. i watch it all the time on dvd. my favorite episode is the one where GOB and Buster build Tiny Town and George Michael and Tobias destroy it, Godzilla-style in front of the Japanese investors. best. show. EVER.

7) i started making naan on the stove using the artisan bread in 5 method and a little olive oil. it's delish and so quick! a great alternative for using the grill, since it's gotten a bit too cold to be cooking outside. i am also planning to make the challah dough and do funnel cake-like things using the same method. mmm...

8) i have seen the original star wars trilogy literally hundreds of times but not because i particularly like the movies myself. they were my brother's favorite movies and i used to watch them with him as a kid. we had an exchange where i would play star wars with him and he'd play barbies with me. he had 2 han solos, one of which was missing his arms, so that was convenient for particular storylines.

9) i feel oddly guilty when i'm not crafting. like, if i'm watching Pawn Stars on netflix instant or football on sundays, i feel like i should also be knitting or spinning, or doing something with my hands. because if i'm just sitting there, i'm wasting time. which is kind of a weird mindset to have over something that is supposed to be a hobby done in one's leisure time, but there it is.

10) a lot of people seem to dislike or fear sewing knits. i like them better than wovens. most of the time the designs are simpler and faster to sew and the fit is more forgiving. i also wear a lot of knits so i might be more inclined to like them. i also feel like there's a natural relationship with hand knitting, which is the craft i'm still best at--like somehow knits and i just understand each other. which is not to say i haven't had my fair share of disasters. i just try not to look at snafus as a huge tragedy. hopefully you're like me and bought way too much fabric so you can just cut another sleeve or alter the length of a hem to make it work out.

i'm not one to pass on the memes due to my well publicized laziness. in fact, i'm exhausted after having to think of 10 whole things about myself. but it was a fun exercise and i encourage anyone to try it if you feel like it.


  1. You can get single issues of Burda at Fashionista fabrics and SewBaby, though sometimes they sell out fast. Burdastyle (the website) has started to get all the patterns as downloads too, which isn't that economical, but works if you only want one pattern (In fact, I'm inclined to do that just so I don't have to trace... I really hate tracing.)

    I love Arrested Development too - definitely it's my favorite modern comedy. And I do agree about sewing knits - I had trouble the first time, but after that they just make sense - the fitting is a lot like knitting, and sometimes you can leave off seam finishes (always nice!)

  2. I have to admit, I like romantic comedies but I'm so NOT a fan of Katherine Heigl. Really do not understand her popularity.

    I LOVE naan! Will have to check into that artisan bread book.



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