Thursday, September 30, 2010

Self-Stitched September: THE END

this is it. i have one more last minute entry to sneak in.
SSS 09/30
Pattern: Simplicity 2724
Size: 12
Fabric: white cotton shirting from fabricmart, navy and white pinstriped poly from my mom's stash, black poly china silk from
Started: September 26, Finished: September 29
Simplicity 2724
for some reason completely beyond me, the white cotton shirting gave me fits. it was horrible to sew. it got caught in the machine multiple times and the needle didn't want to go through the fabric. it was also really hard to pin. i changed needles several times as well and the rest of the dress sewed like butter, so it had to be that fabric. total weirdness.
Simplicity 2724 skirt fabric
i was worried that the size 12 wouldn't fit but it actually turned out great. the bodice poofs a bit more than i'd like but nothing serious. this was my first time using lining on something that doesn't call for lining. i lined the skirt portion only. the navy poly suiting has shiny white stitching lines to make the pinstripes. it's an interesting detail but the fabric itself is kind of yucky. it took me forever to figure out in my brain how to layer the fabrics so that the seam was completely hidden and all the layers were laid out as they should be directionally.

i hand-stitched the hem and i omitted interfacing because i didn't have any in the right weight. oh yeah and i hate facings. i tacked down the collar facing so it wouldn't bunch up but next time i'd skip it entirely and go for a bias binding. i also significantly shortened the sleeves (maybe a little too much) and the skirt (which was perfect).

i absolutely love this pattern. i want to try at least a couple of the variations. i really like the pleated neckline but i want to try the ruffled one as well. and i want to do the pleated skirt. i hope that the 2-piece dress thing will be wearable for awhile because i have many more ideas.

what did i make this month?
red cowl top
green refashioned shirt
leopard cowl dress
pleated skirt
vogue jeans
jj blouse
vogue red cords
simplicity 2-piece dress

there were only 2 days that i didn't wear anything self-stitched, both on weekends. i wasn't always great with the photos--that was definitely my least favorite part of the whole challenge due to lack of time and light. i did repeat some pieces but not any entire outfits. i dug out some old favorites from as early as 2005. plus i'm pretty sure i didn't repeat any handknit socks for the whole month--not too surprising actually. i still have more pairs i haven't worn yet.

i'm glad that i participated. i'm sure that i finished way more stuff than i would have in a normal month. i only have one other shirt in progress that is giving me fits that i didn't finish.

i was drastically in need of some new fall clothes and thanks to this challenge i now have many more options. yay for self-stitched september! now i can definitely use a break. i think i earned one.


  1. Love it! It's a really cute dress, but I"m sorry to hear about your shirting fabric troubles. Congrats on finishing SSS!

  2. This has been such an awesome month. I loved seeing your outfits... maybe one day I'll have enough handmade clothes to wear at least one thing every day :)

    Bravo to you!

  3. that skirt is awesome!

  4. you finished on a high! well done. and thanks for all the ideas that this generated.



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