Monday, September 20, 2010

running out of steam

i have a feeling when this project is over, i won't be taking pictures of anything for a solid month or more.

Saturday the only self-stitched piece i wore was my noro cookie a socks.

On Sunday I wore my new Vogue 1204 jeans which i haven't photographed yet and my STR socks.
SSS 09/20
central park hoodie
simplicity 4076
old navy jeans
tiger coriolis socks

the CPH has not held up well over time. it's very baggy and pilly. i don't think that i'll ever use ultra alpaca again for a sweater. it is very cozy and warm and i've worn it a lot but it's more suited to lounging around the house on the weekend than work wear. of course when you're running out the door and this is the first warm thing you grab it's appropriate enough, apparently.


  1. you're kicking ass though! keep going! I can't wait to see these jeans you made, I haven't attempted jeans yet

  2. I'm sorry to hear you CPH has not held up very well. I've never used Ultra Alpaca, but it is really soft stuff.

  3. Oh no!!! I have recently purchased 6 skeins of Ultra Alpaca. Too bad it's not holding up well. Now I got to figure what to do with it.



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