Friday, September 24, 2010

One last hurrah

it's supposed to be 90 today, so i thought i'd try to get some more mileage out of my summer clothes
SSS 09/24
plaid mccalls 5388 dress
ck leather belt i've had since high school
bass sandals

i've never worn this dress belted before. i actually kind of like the look.

i recently borrowed fit for real people and pants for real people from the library. i've gotten more useful info from the pants book. there's a nice section in the back devoted to all the little details of pants, including zippers, waistbands, and pockets, including several different welt pockets. i might buy this one.

there's a blog doing a free motion quiltalong with lots of different yet simple examples of free motion quilting. i like to read along and wish that i had more time to practice those techniques.

i'm debating whether or not to subscribe to burdastyle magazine. i got a gift subscription from my mom in 05-06. the magazine is great and definitely worth the price if you actually use the patterns. i recently had a lightbulb go on in my head so it's not as annoying anymore for me to trace patterns. i bought a couple of back issues to help me make up my mind.

is this a D&G tiny granny square bikini? not that i'm rushing home with my hook to make one or anything, but hey--it's kind of cool.

there's a new expanded edition of Aran Knitting out with additional sizing and a new pattern to boot. i love looking at these complex designs for inspiration.

this is really pretty. and so is this.

have a great weekend!


  1. I would take a look at some of the more recent issues of Burda before you make up your mind-- I do have a subscription, and I've found that in the last several issues, there's been only a handful of things that have inspired me to want to make them. I've seen similar complaints on several of the sewing blogs I read, too. They've raised the price of a subscription since last year, and made the sheets more confusing to trace out, so I'm strongly considering letting my subscription lapse and just buying individual issues if I like them.

  2. Very cute! I've never really looked at the Burda magazine, but I do enjoy the website.

  3. Love the dress! I think it's very cute on you, but not overly-cute.



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