Wednesday, September 15, 2010

on repeat

SSS 09/15
Simplicity 3692 top in green and white cotton knit
Ellen pants from burdastyle
handknit socks
really old nine west sneakers
tangled yoke cardigan (not pictured)

i'm starting to run out of ideas and i'm getting bored with this project. i'm working on a few new things now and hopefully that'll spice it up soon.

how do you feel about following current trends? i like to see what is happening at the moment because it can give me new ideas. however, i think some trends don't work for me. take high-waisted pants for example. they might make your legs look longer, but i have a short everything, including torso, and i'd be afraid that i'd look like grandpa at the golf course with my pants pulled up to my chin.

other trends i'm not really sure about. take longer skirts. i like the idea of longer skirts as something i could wear into the fall and winter with tights. but i really think i look best in skirts that hit just above the knee. i tend to look stumpy in lengths below the knee because my calves are so large proportionally to the rest of my body. i'm not super confident that i could walk in a long pencil skirt and i'm afraid i'd look too obviously betty draper retro in a full skirt. but some of them are very pretty.

one trend i can get on board with--i'm seeing a lot of 90s inspired romantic floral dresses in spring fashion week shows. i liked that trend when i was a teen. when i can buy fabric again, i'm thinking of picking up a few delicate floral prints in rayon challis or silk charmeuse.

what trends influence you? or do you just go your own way?

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  1. I look for cute, flattering, comfy clothes regardless of whether they're trending at the moment. Some of the time, it falls in naturally - like the influx of plaids right now, which for some reason I love. The sudden backflash of bad 80s slut fashion (i.e. fishnet lace and tulle with bedazzled tees), though, I'm not so into. ;)



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