Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The More Classier Dress

SSS 09/08
Purchased denim jacket from many moons ago
my new More Classier Dress
Leopard cowl dress
Pattern: Cowl dress/Cowl top from burdastyle
Size: 36, graded to a 38 at the waist/hips
Fabric: Matte olive/black cheetah jersey from, about a yard
Started and Finished: September 2

i've been wanting a leopard print dress. it's in style this season and i've been watching way too much Jersey Shore. I think of this as my "more classier" dress because I think Angelina would wear this and everyone knows that she is one classy broad. or something.

i used the serger for this go-round and it was indeed much faster than the top. one regret: i serged the raw edge of the cowl and you can see the stitching. i should've left it alone.

construction-wise, i did it the same way as the top, using mock-binding for the back neck and armholes. this dress is pretty short. i am short, so the length is just right for me, but normal people might want to add a few inches to prevent flashing your Snooki to the world.

the fabric only has a 20% stretch, so i added 4 inches of width to the waist and hips. i don't think it would have fit otherwise. this poly fabric isn't the nicest feeling in the world but it's really hard to find knit prints online. i had a brain lapse and bought 3.5 yards of it and now i have no clue what to do with all the extra leftover. i guess in my head i was thinking i'd make a dress and a top but that still doesn't explain 3.5 yards. i'm sure i'll figure something out.

i do really like this dress. it's a bit outside my comfort zone, but it's good to stretch yourself at times. this pattern is definitely going into the tried and true file and i'm sure i will be making it again.

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  1. I'm not sure I could pull off leopard, but I've added some giraffe prints to my wardobe for fall! And LOVE the cut of that dress! I digs me the cowl necks.



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