Thursday, September 16, 2010

learning my lesson the hard way

SSS 09/16
Grey silk cardigan, Simplicity 2560
Delia's black pinstriped ruffled button-down blouse
old navy jeans
handknit socks

so i happened upon the LBD contest on pattern review and in a moment of spontaneity, i decided to enter. i've been wanting to use this poly sweater knit from fabric mart on a dress with sleeves that i can wear in colder weather. i was going to make simplicity 3775, but i decided to try something new for a change. i have used the set-in sleeve tee and the raglan tee patterns from Sew U: Home Stretch with great success, but i had yet to try the dress pattern. this kind of dress is just what i'm looking for--i could dress it up or down in a variety of ways.

so i got home from work and traced the pattern. because of my prior experience i traced the XS grading to a S at the waist and then back to XS. the other 2 t-shirt patterns are fairly loose-fitting, so i thought the dress would be the same. i was proactive in shortening the pieces to fit me. i took 4 inches out of the bodice and 7 inches from the skirt. at the time i recall thinking that the pattern pieces looked awfully small, but i convinced myself that it made sense b/c the seam allowances are only 1/4". i cut out my fabric and started to sew. i did the mock binding on the neck and thought to myself, "hmm, the neckband looks really small," but i kept going.

i finally got to a try-on point and yeah. it's tiny. it sort of fits, but it's skintight. i also got carried away with my shortening of the pattern pieces. because it needs to stretch so much widthwise that really shrinks up the length. i also sewed until 11:00 last night. i should know better than to sew when i'm tired but i wanted to keep going until i got to a "good" stopping point. i ended up serging some of the sleeve material into the seam and when i unpicked the stitches i had a nice little hole in my sleeve.

it's a good thing i bought 5 yards. now i have to decide whether to just cut a new sleeve, or whether i should start over from scratch. when i get home today i'll probably pin-baste the whole thing, try it on, and then end up retracing and making a larger size.

so yeah. apparently the dress in the book is meant to have a lot less ease than the shirts. it probably says exactly that in the book somewhere. do what i say and not what i do, people. i still have a lot to learn.

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  1. I sometimes compare sewing to baking, in that modifications to the recipe are tricky and must be well planned. I still feel scared to make any big changes to a sewing pattern, so if nothing else, I commend your boldness. Just out of curiosity, how many pairs of handknit socks do you have?



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