Thursday, September 23, 2010


SSS 09/23
Sew U Home Stretch dress in black poly sweater knit
Not pictured: denim jacket in this pic, leopard peep toe shoes from target

for the LBD contest, we're supposed to have one picture plain and two styled for day and evening. clearly this is my plain photo. one of these days i'll have time to take decent pictures while there is still daylight.

Pattern: Dress from Sew U: Home Stretch (down to $10.40 on amazon!)
Fabric: poly sweater knit from fabricmart, a little over a yard
Size: XS, graded to a S at the waist, then back to XS

yay it fits! since it was shorter in length than i was anticipating, i was going to do a rolled hem on the sleeves and bottom, but i couldn't get it to look right with this fabric. instead i just did a plain serge on the hems and because it's black it's not all that noticeable.

the only weird thing with the pattern is that i now question the purpose of the waistband. none of the projects in the book use the waistband, except for the skirt with suspenders thingie. the waistband is also cut as one long piece, and i would prefer it as two so it would be easier to match the seams, but oh well. i did my standard mock binding for the neckline.

my favorite part of the dress is the puffy sleeves. it elevates the design from being kind of boring to quirky and cute. i have some good ideas for the styling photos, if i can ever get to them.

there are several of the dress projects that i'd like to try. it's a great versatile pattern with many options. i'm sure that i will revisit this pattern again.


  1. I really love the length, and the sleeves. It looks great!

  2. Looks great! Chic and sexy! Just as a LBD should be.

  3. Very cute dress! BTW, I found the Sew U Home Stretch book at Barnes and Nobles bargain bin for 6.98!



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