Monday, September 27, 2010

the last week

truthfully, i can't believe i made it this far. saturday i didn't wear anything self-stitched. sunday, i wore my new red cords for a few hours to break them in.

SSS 09/27
JJ Blouse from burdastyle, size 36
Marie skirt from burdastyle
old navy tights
Not pictured: denim jacket from this photo, franco sarto ankle boots from this pic
JJ from Burdastyle

so i sewed most of JJ back in August. and then it sat for weeks because i didn't feel like doing the buttonholes. i must admit, i'm not thrilled with the horizon's buttonhole capabilities. it often has trouble sewing through thick layers, though technically this shirt wasn't really a problem. it was just the thought of potentially having to struggle with it that made me put it off for so long.

the fabric is rayon challis that i got in a fabricmart bundle. the sleeve cuff buttons are thrifted from one of my refashioned shirts and the shirt buttons are from a big bag of white shirt buttons i bought on etsy.

i really like the fit of this pattern, but i found it tedious to sew. i'm pretty sure there's like 1100 different pieces. i think i did the ruffles differently than the pattern said to do it. i also added interfacing to the sleeve cuffs, collar stand, and button placket. if the instructions said to do this, i missed it. i also don't like the collar stand. it's very thick and an awkward height.

having said that it's annoying to sew, i do really like the pattern and might do it again someday if i feel up to it. i would change the collar and eliminate or at least simplify the ruffles. unfortunately for this shirt, the pattern is so busy you can't see the ruffles anyway.

since my hatred of sewing buttonholes probably isn't going away any time soon, i'm in search of cute blouse patterns that aren't buttondowns. it might be time to break out this pattern pretty soon.


  1. I was considering trying the JJ pattern, but yeah, that does sound like a lot of pieces/steps. Yours turned out very lovely, though. I love the fabric pattern.

  2. Now you know why I omitted the ruffles and did snaps instead of buttons. Next time I make this (I do think I'm going to do another one) I think I'm going to swap in a different collar. I'm with you--it is too stiff.
    Does the horizon do automatic buttonholes? I kind of thought I could settle for non-automatic buttonholes but I think i want my next machine to be automatic!



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