Wednesday, September 01, 2010

It's Self-Stitched September

today's the first day of Self-Stitched September. it'll be an interesting experiment to see if i can keep up with it. my pledge is to wear one self-made/refashioned item per day. the most challenging time for me will be weekends. i feel like i shouldn't be admitting this, but on weekends i don't leave the house much and sometimes i don't even get dressed--i'll just roll out of bed in my racerback tank and gym shorts and i'm good to go. maybe i should make a sleep tank and then wear it on the weekends. that's not cheating, right?
my outfit today is this sparkly sequined brown cardigan that i got ages ago when i still bought clothes, a brown camisole from old navy, and this refashioned skirt from the XL men's cotton/lycra shirt pictured below.
thrift store find
i cut off the shirt under the arms and the shirt-tail hem. i didn't want it to be too short so i did a rolled hem on my horizon. this was my first time using the rolled hem foot and i quite like the results. i gathered the top of the skirt to fit.
Skirt Refashion
i pieced together a waistband from the sleeves. this is where i had a brain lapse. instead of cutting a curved waistband i just made two rectangles for the waistband and facing. when i tried on the skirt i had major gaposis in the back, so i added two darts to make it fit. next time i'll know better. i recycled two of the buttons for the waistband closure.
Skirt Refashion
i like this skirt but the shirting fabric is a bit more sheer than i'm comfortable with. i'm wearing it with a half-slip, but if i were to do it again, i'd add a lining.

it seems like this is the last gasp of summer so i'm trying to wear my warm weather clothes while i still can. are you participating in Self-Stitched September? are you worried like me that you'll run out of ideas by Day 4 or so?


  1. beautiful transformation...
    Congratulations for your work...

  2. I can't believe that skirt used to be a shirt! Genius repurposing!



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