Thursday, September 02, 2010

Double Whammy

Today's outfit is my black and white linen a-line skirt from Sew U and my new cowl neck top.
SSS 09/02
Pattern: Cowl dress/Cowl top from burdastyle
Size: 36
Fabric: red microfiber jersey. I used leftovers but it had to be less than a yard
Started and Finished: September 1

I adore this top and want one in every color. I love drapey cowl necks. I ignored the instructions completely and put it together on my own. I added 3/8" seam allowances to the pattern and did mock binding (instructions from Sew U: Home Stretch) on the back neck and armholes. I sewed a 5/8" hem.

I was too lazy to switch the thread on my serger so I decided to try out sewing knits on the horizon. at first it was a nightmare because my test fabric got sucked into the throat plate. Twice. Spicy came home right as the second time happened, and he was all, "uh...what are you doing?" my response--"trying to break my sewing machine." he said, "yeah that's what it looks like."

at any rate once i got over that particular hurdle it went fairly smoothly. i used the #13 knit stitch for all the seams and zigzagged at 2.0 stitch length for the bindings and hem. i like the stretchiness of the knit stitch but man is it slow. i could've finished the top in probably half the time if i'd just rethreaded the damn serger.
Cowl top from Burdastyle
this top was a trial run for the dress version which i hope to make this weekend. i really like how flattering the neckline is. i think on my next one i'll add more width to the waist/hip area. it's a bit tight for my comfort. i'm also interested in this modified cap sleeve version, which i think would be a great tunic for fall/winter in a sweater knit. or can't you picture it with cozy long sleeves in a soft cashmere? ok, not that i can ever find or afford a cashmere sweater knit, but a girl can dream.

if you're interested in making this, i highly recommend it. it's only 2 pieces and very easy to sew. i would think it'd also be relatively easy to redraft to other sizes. if i were going to do it, i'd probably start with a t-shirt pattern that fits well and adapt the bodice to have the cowl neck shaping.


  1. I love the cowl neck, and red is your color! Knits terrify me. I'm not even sure if my machine could handle them, but I love wearing them, so someday, I hope to conquer that fear. I'm hoping you can get through self-stitched September, and enjoying the recap.

  2. The top is great. It looks really good on you!

  3. that top looks great! I am deathly afraid of sewing knits.

  4. This is a stylish look. I love the red knit top. Such a perfect compliment to your skirt!

  5. I LOVE cowl necks. Great job!



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