Wednesday, September 29, 2010

a comedy of errors

i stayed home sick yesterday. i did wear my black vogue jeans with an adidas t-shirt.

SSS 09/29
crazy tacky disco shirt from express
black skinny gap belt
new red vogue 1204 cords
matchstick socks
steve madden sneakers
not pictured: h&m jacket

these pants should have been a piece of cake. i was sewing along without incident, using my serger whenever possible until i was ready to put on the waistband. i tried on the pants and realized that i had reversed the back yokes--meaning that the wide sections were at the sides of the pants instead of in the middle. i had to rip out several serged seams to put the pieces in correctly and then i had to rip out all my lovely topstitching and redo the side seams because the fronts and backs no longer matched up correctly.
vogue 1204 red cords
so these pants are not as nice as they could have been but at least they're still wearable. i'm happy with the front rise fix but the waistband is still a little too big. i tapered the pants slightly at the ankle.

one of these days i'll get it just right. i'm putting aside this pattern for a little while. i think the next pants pattern i'll delve into is probably vogue 1051. i need some more dressy pants for work.

the new vogues are out. i like a lot of the dresses, especially this kay unger. i don't necessarily love this one as a dress but there's an anthropologie top that is reasonably similar and might be worth trying to imitate. i also really like the jacket and dress from this wardrobe pattern. the next time there's a vogue patterns sale at joann's i'll probably pick these 3 up.

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  1. I've been longing for some red pants -- I bet with a few tweaks you'll get it exactly as you want it. I've been enjoying following your adventures, and have nominated you, if you care to play:

    PS totally jealous of your serger! No wonder your LBD turned out beautifully.



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