Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Catching up

i was lazy about posting over the weekend, but i did take pictures.
SSS 09/04
Saturday: we were in the midst of a heat wave and then suddenly it got really cold. Old Navy jeans and long sleeved tee, Tangled Yoke Cardigan in alpaca, hand-knit socks.
SSS 09/05
Sunday: i went to a bridal shower for my best friend. Black sheath dress that i've had since college, Pas de Valse cardigan in skinny bugga.
SSS 09/06
Monday: Simplicity 3692 in buttermilk jersey from emma one sock, Ellen pants from burdastyle, handknit socks. i can't believe i never blogged this shirt but apparently it must've been during my hiatus. i've made this pattern twice--it's one of my favorites. last night spicy made pulled pork in the smoker and we went over to his dad's for dinner and met his new kitty.
SSS 09/07
Tuesday: jacket from h&m, tshirt from old navy, khaki capris from Sew U. i did these pants recently but never blogged them. this pattern doesn't fit all that well, so i don't wear these much. oh and the heat wave has returned. figures.

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  1. One week down! I really love that Pas de Valse cardigan. It's gorgeous.



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