Friday, September 17, 2010


it was cold this morning. i didn't want to get out of bed.
SSS 09/17
purple tweed cardigan from fitted knits
blue tshirt, jeans, and scarf belt from old navy (i hardly ever shop but apparently when i do i go to old navy)
handknit socks

so great news on the LBD front. i got out my box o' safety pins, pinned the whole thing together, tried it on, fit! and it didn't look half bad. still a bit tighter than i'm really comfortable with and the hems would definitely have to be rethought from the original plan, but wearable. so i cut a new sleeve, ripped the old one out, set the new one in, and the rest was smooth sailing and now i have a new dress. hopefully i can style it for the contest photos and get some decent pics this weekend.

It's linky loo day: Self Stitched September has added a large number of new blogs to my reader. Here's a few of my new favorites.

Lazy Stitching
Quixotic Pixels

and just for fun: bitter purl was working on these adorable cross stitch pieces. i used to be a prolific cross stitcher as a kid but haven't thought about it in years. thanks to Yahaira's prompting i did a search on etsy just for fun, and look what i found--a steaming pile of poo (and all of her designs are adorable). i can't take up yet another hobby at the moment but man is it tempting.


  1. I'm glad to hear your dress worked out. Sometimes, a short break is necessary before pushing forward with a project. September's more than halfway over!

  2. That tweed cardi surely looks warm.

  3. You make me want to do SSO (Self stitched October). I just might do that. My own personal challenge.

  4. Glad the LBD was salvageable! Can't wait to see it!



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