Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Starlight Mint

thrift store find
I got this AE men's M shirt for $1 at the Salvation Army.
AE shirt refashion
I used the shirt pattern from Sew U and the sleeves from McCalls 5388. The sleeve cuffs are gathered with 1/4" elastic. i used most of the fabric from the shirt but there are a few bits left for quilting or other scrap projects.

I had an oopsie with my serger (though at the time i was muttering less cute obscenities). As I was serging one of the shoulders, part of the shirt got caught in the seam without my noticing. i had to cut a deeper neckline, which means i had to splice in some extra fabric for the collar stand. it looks a little weird and the neckline is a bit large but i don't think it turned out too badly in the end.

i had a lot of fun transforming this shirt into something new. i'm planning to do something very similar with at least 2 of the other shirts i bought, as i'm in need of more button-downs that i can wear to work.

i really love the fabric and the little red eagle on the pocket (though i'm not generally much for logos). i think it adds a nice little pop of contrast. the shirt reminds me of those green mint candies that i loved as a kid. i wish i had one right now.


  1. Very cute! The collar is really interesting. Did you find reconstruction to be more difficult than starting from scratch?

  2. Love the refashion of this and the ruffly shirt! (Thought I'd start combining comments as I'm catching up post-vaca, instead of continuing to comment-bomb you. :P)



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