Monday, August 16, 2010

Say Hello to my Little Friend

Sorry for the long absence. I've been getting acquainted with my new Janome Horizon. I'll be updating my projects in the next few posts, but for now i'll just give my initial thoughts on the machine.
Janome Horizon
When it arrived and i took it out of the box, my first thoughts were:
1) this motherfucker is HEAVY
2) this is mega-awesome
3) this is a lot of machine for me

being used to a Crap Singer with like 10 stitches it was a bit overwhelming at first to have a computerized machine with a bazillion feet. i did a sampler where i went over the most basic stitches that i figured i would be using a lot so i could get used to it.

1) love the automatic buttonhole. LOVE IT
2) i love the built-in walking foot. i used my walking foot almost all the time on my old machine and i see much the same in my future
3) the needle threader is actually very good
4) this baby is FAST! it quilts beautifully
5) i dunno if it was me or the machine but i machine bound two quilts and i have never done such a lovely job on binding in my life. i think a lot of it has to do with the painstaking speed control that you have. you can go verrry slowly if you want, or lightning quick.
6) the built in storage is really nice. i am always losing things but everything on this machine has its place with a label so it's hard not to put things back where they belong
7) again, you have to remember the machine i came from, but i love being able to precisely control stitch length and width instead of turning dials and guessing.
8) i'm very new to free-motion quilting but this is definitely the most success i've had. so far i've only tried the close-toed foot but i'm looking forward to experimenting with the others.
9) so much space! i finished up a quilt that i had given up on my old machine because it was such a struggle to get it through the teensy opening, but on the horizon it was so easy. i wouldn't hesitate to do larger quilts now.
10) very quiet. spicy doesn't have to up the volume on the tv now to quite the same extent.

1) if you don't use the acufeed, it has a hard time with changing layer thickness, like sewing over thick seams. i've been experimenting with changing the foot pressure but with mixed results, so far
2) when using the quarter-inch foot, the top layer veers off unevenly. evidently this is a known problem and a replacement foot is already in production. i'm not sure i'll receive the new foot, however, since i bought mine used on ebay instead of through a dealer. time will tell.
3) the bobbin doesn't fill evenly. i think there's a fix for this though that i just need to try
4) i wish there were more bobbins. it only came with 5.
5) i'm sure this is me, but i cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the machine to save my adjusted settings so that i don't have to do it again every time i turn it on.
6) mofo is still heavy. it's not easy to move it back and forth so (sorry spicy) i think it's going to stay on the dining room table in the near future.

this machine has almost unlimited capabilities and i've barely even scratched the surface i'm sure. i'm looking forward to trying new things i never even had any desire to attempt before, like applique or decorative stitches. with a week off from work i went a little crazy and made a lot of stuff so you'll be seeing the fruits of my labor very soon.


  1. I assumed you were busy playing with your new machine. I can't wait to see your results. I think I'm about ready for a new machine as well.

  2. It's here!!! How cool! Is it tacky of me to ask how much you paid? I only ask b/c if someone has a job this fall/winter I'm getting a new machine myself!

  3. NICE! Love the new toy! Did you squeal like a little girl the first time you used the automatic threader? I was entranced with the one on my new Brother - it was like a caveman seeing fire for the first time.



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