Wednesday, August 25, 2010

running out of room

i'm starting to see the downside of fiber clubs. when you don't use the fiber, you just keep getting more packages in the mail that pile up. i'm definitely running low on storage space. it might be time for another reorganization.
CMF Club September
Crown Mountain Farms Fiber Club September, Welsh
Colorway: Temple of Heaven (i'm pretty sure)

yeah. ick. see all those pale hairy things? i think that's kemp. i had never heard of Welsh before and i doubt i'll be seeking it out in the future. this might be worse than the lincoln. for some reason my camera didn't want to do the colors right. it's a very orangey-yellow.
TdF Rubbernecker Spin-off Prize
in other news, despite an embarrassing showing during Tour de Fleece, i somehow won a Rubbernecker Spin-off prize! 4oz of lovely BFL from SeeJayneKnit. i think the colors would lend themselves well to carding. i was thinking about blending it with a little bamboo or seasilk.

i should definitely do something about the explosion of fiber bursting forth from my craft room. if only i had unlimited time and an extra pair of hands.


  1. I'm not a big yellow person, but I do like the September color!

  2. So, I'm curious, which stash wins: fabric, yarn or fiber?
    I see what you mean about the hairiness of the yellow fiber. Is it rough?

  3. I've dropped all fiber clubs except one (Fat Cat) - I've been amassing WAY too much fiber. That Welsh is seriously scratchy - whatever I make with mine will be LINED!



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