Thursday, August 26, 2010

The return of los links

i had a post all set for today but i forgot my memory card at home. so i'll just do links today and i'll write my planned post tomorrow.
i have 3 yards of this fabric but haven't quite found the right pattern for it. then i saw this. so cute! i might have to steal the idea.

i love looking at this photostream. the pretty candy colors are so inspiring.

i can't wait until this book comes out. i'm a big oh, fransson fan.

I never get tired of looking at them, so i just started a flickr group for handspun socks. feel free to join!

the next time vogue has a pattern sale, i am definitely picking this pattern up. the short, thick-waisted person in me finds this post inspirational.

i've probably posted this one before, but kittenwar! also, this describes me a bit too well.

i just *gulp* signed up for Self-Stitched September. Regular readers of this blog know how bad I am about following through with any sort of commitment but I pledged to wear just one handmade/refashioned item a day, so with all the crafts that i do, surely this is possible.


  1. wow, that echino dress is so cute! it would look great on you, you should definitely make it!

  2. I love the comic, and I'm embarrassed to say, I had never seen KittenWar before. *hides head in shame*
    Thanks for sharing. I'm also excited for Oh, Frannson's book.
    That Echino dress is awesome!



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